Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sock Blockers

Hi my blog-reading friends!

I know that one of you either has recently bought or sells sock blockers. Your husband makes them maybe?

Anyway, I'm looking for a pair - any info. would be very helpful. Thanks!


km said...

I don't have I'll check back to see what good comments you get. I was thinking they couldn't be that hard to make...but I'll have to google for a pattern.

Kati and Chris said...

Mine are from the Loopy Ewe ( and I love them. I have the red plastic ones - which I really like because you can wash the socks - pop them on and let them dry with no worries. They have multiple sizes and are reasonably priced.

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

Dorothy... My dh makes sock blockers... Email me and I'll send you details..