Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy and Sad News

Happy news! I have finished a knitted item! The first item I have finished since July. Sad, and pathetic. However, today, I knit a whole entire dishcloth!

That's the good news. Now, here's the bad news. My LYS, which is really a fabric store with a GREAT selection of yarn, is going out of business! I went there today, hoping to score some Encore for the little ones' winter hats, and there was NONE on the shelves. NONE! I've loved going to The Fabric Place - it had such a large selection of yarn, many brands that you find in actual yarn shops - Cascade, Malabrigo, Galway, Elisabeth Lovland, etc, etc, AND they send coupons! Or, rather, they sent coupons. Goodbye The Fabric Place. I will miss you!

Okay, so if I can't buy Encore at a discount, what kind of warm, washable yarn can I buy at A.C. Moore to make the little ones' hats? OR, is there a LYS around me that sells Encore and has carts to strap my kids into?

Finally, can someone work out a way for me to have two whole days dedicated to knitting? I feel like I might actually accomplish something besides a dishcloth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go Team!

I've spent the last two nights at Fenway Park, watching the Red Sox play the Cleveland Indians. I'm happy to say that my Indians won a game, and the Sox won last night, cinching their place in the playoffs. (If the Sox play any other team, I totally cheer for the Sox. But the Indians' farm team is based in Buffalo, and I just can't cheer against players from Buffalo!) Needless to say, Boston-boy Hubby is beyond excited!

The funniest part of last night was by far, this sign:

Poor Katie Holmes.

I have been knitting, but everything is going really SLOWLY! I'm just about ready to start the lace pattern on the February Lady Sweater, and am knitting about six rows a week on the Celtic Knot Stole. At this rate, I should finish it in about 60 weeks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Overdue Thank You

Last week I received these in the mail:

They are rubber gloves, beautifully embellished by Shawnee. I won them as part of her birthday contest. Don't you feel inspired to scrub the bathroom? I know I do! Thank you, Shawnee!

BTW- Shawnee makes the most adorable aprons you've ever seen. Go check out her blog!

Also, I have been knitting. Slowly, but surely, the February Lady Sweater is starting to look like something besides a lot of garter stitch. It helps that I finally am understanding the raglan increases. I just couldn't picture how it was going to come together.

Yesterday, I went button shopping (a big premature perhaps, but I was in the same town as the knitting shop that carries lots of buttons.) I couldn't decide between two buttons, so I bought them both. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a clear picture so that you could give me your opinion. I'm sure I'll decide when the whole sweater is done and I'm ready to actually put on the buttons.

I've also made a decision about knitting projects. I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself to knit projects that I'm not really going to have time for. Thus, I've decided that all the new babies around me do NOT need handknit items for Christmas. It would be nice, but I just don't think I have the time. I've also decided that our new baby does NOT need a whole wardrobe worth of knitted goodness. Instead, I've decided to limit myself to a few hats and a sweater at each size.

Between now and Christmas, my goals are as follows:
  • Finish the February Lady Sweater
  • Finish the Celtic Knot Stole
  • Knit a stole from the silk lace yarn I have (this is a Christmas gift)
  • Knit another Wonderful Wallaby for little boy
  • Knit both little kids hats and mittens
That's it. Anything else that gets done is nice, but I'm not going to pressure myself!

In pregnancy news, I've finally stopped puking, although I still have iffy moments (particularly after the candy corn I ate last night - I love candy corn!) Baby seems to be doing well, and I'm trying to get as much as sleep as possible now.

I hope everything is sunny in your corner of the world.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Morning

I've thought about blogging. I've considered taking pictures of stuff, and posting about what we're doing. However, none of that involves knitting. It's not that I haven't knit at all, it's just that I've knit so little.

I have approximately 20 rows done on the February Lady Sweater. I've started a cotton kerchief for a friend. I've looked at the Celtic Knot Stole, but haven't knit a stitch, despite the fact that it's this month's KAL for the Scary Lace Group on Ravelry. And I voted for it!

My parents were visiting for a week. We went to the Franklin Park Zoo, Rockport (cute little shops on the sea), and to the beach. I went body surfing for the first time! And, of course, I've puked, and puked some more, and then, yup, puked some more.

It's less than four months until Christmas, and with three new babies around me, I have A LOT of knitting to get done. I'm a little nervous if it's going to happen.