Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Designer Possibilities

As you know, I've been working on baby shower gifts. The bonnet is done, size 3-6 months. A newborn sized baby squash hat is done, and 5 out of (hopefully) 8 baby washcloths are done (well, minus ends being woven in).

I'm not thrilled about the color combinations, but I haven't been thrilled with the dishcloth cotton selection at AC Moore in general - at least in terms of generic baby colors. The washcloths are 5"x5", and done in either garter stitch or seed stitch.

Washcloths are handy playground knitting, but can get a bit boring, so yesterday I cast on for Reasonably Hip. I plan on giving it to my nephew for his birthday, but I'm slightly concerned about the size - it seems small. I didn't swatch. The pattern calls for Encore, and I'm using Plymouth Canadiana. Typically, I get a slightly larger product with Plymouth. We'll see how it goes.

I find that the more I knit, the more I'm understanding construction. For example, Reasonably Hip uses short rows for shaping in the back. I didn't really get it, but now that I see, it makes perfect sense! I've had some few thoughts on designing things. They weren't really serious thoughts. However, The Fabric Place, my local fabric/yarn store, is having a Black and White Design Challenge. It has me thinking, and I might just give designing a try.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cute Baby Bonnet!

I've finished the redo on the baby bonnet, and it is so cute!

I decreased on every knit row, instead of every other, and did about half the number of decrease rounds called for in the pattern. I do like the ribbing along the bottom back - it's a little detail that adds a lot of style. And, it gave me a chance to practice picking up stitches! (50 of them to be exact. It was supposed to be 58. I don't think anyone will notice!)

This hat is sized 3-6 months. The baby is due in July, so it should be perfect for the autumn. I've cast on for a baby squash hat - a nice newborn size. Because, newborns wear hats no matter what the weather, right? Plus, I have just enough yarn from this skein left over.

Thank you so much for all the lace suggestions. I'm leaning towards the Celtic Knot Stole, and saving the beads for a future project. No final decision yet though. I have added a significant number of lace projects to my queue though, and have to remind myself that I have my whole life to knit, and shouldn't feel pressure to get projects done.

Happy knitting!

Sock Blockers

Hi my blog-reading friends!

I know that one of you either has recently bought or sells sock blockers. Your husband makes them maybe?

Anyway, I'm looking for a pair - any info. would be very helpful. Thanks!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Um, yeah, that stinks

So, my free mystery lace KAL has been turned into a not so free Mystery Lace KAL. Apparently, there was some sort of hootananny over at the Yahoo group (which I haven't paid any attention too), and it's caused all sorts of personal problems for the designer. I can't really comment all that much, since I don't know what it was about. And, the explanations of the designer on Ravelry lead me to believe that I really don't want any part of knowing. I like to knit because there's usually no drama involved, ya know?

I won't be upping the $10 to join in the Mystery fun. In my head I was willing to spend X amount of money on this project, and the fee puts me over my budget. I'm trying to not be judgmental, but I am super annoyed. I was really excited about this project. But, I also think it's kind of snarky to say you'll do something for free and then give out one clue and turn around and change your mind. Again, maybe it's really warranted based on whatever went on in the Yahoo group.

Anyway, now I have 1320 yards of white laceweight, and apparently about a million size 8/0 clear beads. Any ideas on what to do with it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Swatch Picture

I tried to take a picture of my 10 rows of the actual stole, with its one bead. But, it kept coming out blurry, and I've lost my attention span for that task.

Here's a picture of the swatch though:

And, here's a picture of the two boys on our hike yesterday:

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beading - I did it!

I finished my test swatch for the Mystery Lace KAL last night. Using the size 5 needles seems to be okay - the swatch is pretty darn close to the size it's meant to be. In fact, I almost considered using a size 6!

The little ones are napping, and I've cast on for the actual stole, knitting 10 rows, and even added a bead! I'm so proud of myself!

It's 79 degrees right now. We took the kids for a nice little hike in Lexington this morning. They're such troopers! Little boy must have tripped over roots a hundred times, but he just gets up and keeps running! They fell asleep on the way home, and I'm hanging out on the back porch enjoying the quiet of the neighborhood.

I'm done with the lace knitting for the moment, and plan to work on the baby bonnet. I might just close my eyes for a few minutes though....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Boy

Today, Little Boy turns 2. I can't believe it! My baby!!!

Little boy is described by many as being "all boy." He falls down, dusts himself off, and gets up again. He scampers around the playground like he owns it - putting some of the older kids to shame with all he can do. Little boy crawled before he sat up - He loves to be on the go.

He's so different than his sister. He's not all that interested in chatter, but he LOVES to have books read to him, and to get hugs and kisses. In the morning, when Daddy is in the shower, little boy crawls into bed next to me and cuddles. His first word was "broom", and he loves to clean. In fact, it's funny, because the dust on the furniture exactly matches his reach!

The lad is definitely smart. He's been known to dump the laundry out of the basket, turn the basket upside down in the hallway, and stand on it to unlock the door to get to the vacuum (He loves the vacuum - he's getting a cordless, battery powered one for his present!). He develops a plan of action, and he is NOT HAPPY when mommy or daddy delays or stop it! Fortunately for him, mommy and daddy tend to be easily distracted.

He is truly a joy, and I have so much fun watching him explore!

Happy birthday, my boy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Picture!

I have a new camera - hooray!

Here's Branching Out - without blocking or the ends woven in. (And with a sideways picture.)

Also, my yarn for the Mystery Lace KAL arrived from Knitpicks today. I just ordered it on Thursday, so I'm PSYCHED that it's here already. I'm off to wind it into a ball, and hope to knit the test swatch tonight. The pattern calls for size 4 needles. I own size 3 and size 5, but not 4. I'm going to try it out on the five's and see if I like it.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Still Pictureless

It's getting closer though - I bought a camera yesterday, but DH had some objections. Will try again tomorrow!

I feel like I haven't got much done the last few days.

No, that's not right.

I haven't gotten much knitting done. I have, however, gone shopping for the day with little girl (which was quite fun!), organized my yarn collection, and sorted through lots of STUFF in the bedroom. The yarn collection...I hadn't realized how much leftover yarn I have from other projects. I have to start incorporating that into my planned knitting. It's crazy how fast it accumulates! I told DH I shouldn't need to buy yarn, except for a tank top I have for myself until June. I then amended the statement to "probably shouldn't", because you never know what comes up. Like, I joined the Mystery Lace KAL, and my yarn should arrive this week from Knitpicks. I didn't anticipate this yarn need, because I didn't anticipate joining the KAL!

I finished Branching Out tonight, and I've been working on 5"x5" baby washcloths in seed stitch or garter stitch. The washcloths are my playground knitting.

I didn't get to church this morning. The women's running Olympic Trials were held in Boston this morning, and that made traffic and parking ridiculous. Didn't even try.

Tomorrow, I'll cast on for a retry of the baby bonnet. Let's hope it works this time!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stuff About Me

Moriah tagged me for this meme:

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Be sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.

Stuff about me:

1. Prior to being a Mommy and a Knitter, I was a special education teacher, working with children with emotional and/or behavioral abilities. For several years, I worked in a residential treatment facility with children placed there through the court systems.

2. I was a camp counselor for several summers. I can light a campfire with one match.

3. I score baseball games using the double diamond method. I love baseball. LOVE IT! The game is beautiful. I'm a AAA Buffalo Bisons fan. I miss them! Scoring the game helps me to focus, and comes in handy if you go to 30 games a season - easy to check stats. If you're anywhere near Buffalo, check out a Bisons game. The stadium is beautiful, it's affordable, and the team is good.

4. In high school, I was in the musical "Camelot". I became really interested in the King Arthur stories, and by extension, other Medieval and/or Renaissance stories.

5. I used to have a rule that I wouldn't date men that I worked with. I met my husband at work.

6. I love to go out to eat. I'm not picky - a fancy restaurant is great, but I'm equally happy with a Friday's or an Applebees. I'm particularly a fan of Mexican - in the Americanized Mexican way, not necessarily authentic.

As for the tagging:

Anne, Cathy, and Kristen.

Friday, April 11, 2008

To The Queue

Today, I reorganized my Ravelry queue. I have these things that I want to knit, but than other things come up. For instance, little ones' playgroup ends next week, and I need a little gift for the two teachers. (They are wonderful!) I'm knitting them each a washcloth, a bath scrubby, and I've bought some fancy soap. But you know, those washcloths are taking time away from Branching Out, which is an April KAL. I'm also doing a test knit for some slippers. Of course, I have no camera, so I can't show any of this to you!

I don't mind the preemption of projects, but there a couple of things I want to get to before the end of June. Most notably, I need to try the baby bonnet again, with less decreases for a baby shower the first weekend in May. Also, I'm determined to knit the Lilian Tank for myself and Reasonably Hip has to be done for a birthday gift. Oh, and my neighbor is having a baby at the end of July, so something needs to be done for her. Do you see how the list grows?

The good news is, I'm proctoring 11 exams in May. This allows quite a bit of knitting time. It's too hard to read, because I can't watch the kids without remembering to look up (and I usually don't.) Knitting doesn't have that problem. I won't be doing anything complicated, but it is a good time to get a few smaller projects done. I'm hoping to finish Reasonably Hip, Baby something for my neighbor, and at least start on my second pair of socks. Also, there's a cute summer hat to knit for little girl. I might be aiming a bit high, but what the heck? I don't think the planning police are going to come after me.

I miss pictures, don't you? I'll be investigating cameras this weekend.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Camera Woes

We've had a busy weekend!

Friday night my best friend came into town, Saturday my parents got here, and Sunday we had a family birthday party for all 3 kids. I'm exhausted.

Also, our camera seems to have died. :( Hopefully, we'll be able to get it fixed or replaced soon. I miss the camera already! Fortunately, my dad took lots of pictures during the party. The kids were SO good, and everyone seemed to have a really good time. It's crazy how fast they grow!

My mom looked at the baby bonnet. We decided the pattern is in error, and there should have been far less decreases. Sadly, I can't save it now that I've weaved in all the ends (STUPID!). I have to decide if I'm going to make another one, or find some other hat to knit for this baby. I'll look around on Ravelry tonight - good, mindless activity for this tired girl.

I started a second Love Dishcloth. No one in my family thinks a years worth of dishcloths is a cool gift. I'm caving to popular opinion - I'll knit 2 love cloths and include them with my kitchen related shower gift, and we'll see what the wedding gift is in August! I've also cast on for branching out. I haven't gotten far - I keep screwing up. However, I've also had company - not the best time for lace work. Hopefully, I'll get further along this week.

I'm not sure how long we'll be without a camera. Until then, no pictures - sorry!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Squash Hat

Isn't it the cutest little thing?

I finished this in one night, and 20 minutes the next day (had I realized that's all I needed, I would have just stayed up the 20 minutes.) I've already cast-on for a second, as an addition to a baby gift. Super fast, super cute!

I'm also working on some dishcloths as part of a bridal shower gift. Originally, I thought I would do 12 cloths - one for each month of the year. But, the shower is next weekend, and I'm only working on my first one. I'm aiming for 6 cloths; we'll see how it goes!

Happy knitting!