Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Boy

Today, Little Boy turns 2. I can't believe it! My baby!!!

Little boy is described by many as being "all boy." He falls down, dusts himself off, and gets up again. He scampers around the playground like he owns it - putting some of the older kids to shame with all he can do. Little boy crawled before he sat up - He loves to be on the go.

He's so different than his sister. He's not all that interested in chatter, but he LOVES to have books read to him, and to get hugs and kisses. In the morning, when Daddy is in the shower, little boy crawls into bed next to me and cuddles. His first word was "broom", and he loves to clean. In fact, it's funny, because the dust on the furniture exactly matches his reach!

The lad is definitely smart. He's been known to dump the laundry out of the basket, turn the basket upside down in the hallway, and stand on it to unlock the door to get to the vacuum (He loves the vacuum - he's getting a cordless, battery powered one for his present!). He develops a plan of action, and he is NOT HAPPY when mommy or daddy delays or stop it! Fortunately for him, mommy and daddy tend to be easily distracted.

He is truly a joy, and I have so much fun watching him explore!

Happy birthday, my boy!


Miss Me said...

Happy birthday to Little Boy! Encourage that cleaning habit - some girl will thank you one day. : )

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Little Boy!! Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your presents!!

Anne said...

Aw, what a sweet post! He sounds like a joy :D Your branching out looks great by the way - I've had that one in my queue for a while, I may need to cast on soon :D

km said...

Happy Birthday Little Boy!

I sure hope that vacuum he's getting isn't just a toy. I had a shark for a few years that meant my boys could actually vacuum for me. The shark finally died...but now the kids are big enough for the real vacuum so I didn't replace it.