Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cute Baby Bonnet!

I've finished the redo on the baby bonnet, and it is so cute!

I decreased on every knit row, instead of every other, and did about half the number of decrease rounds called for in the pattern. I do like the ribbing along the bottom back - it's a little detail that adds a lot of style. And, it gave me a chance to practice picking up stitches! (50 of them to be exact. It was supposed to be 58. I don't think anyone will notice!)

This hat is sized 3-6 months. The baby is due in July, so it should be perfect for the autumn. I've cast on for a baby squash hat - a nice newborn size. Because, newborns wear hats no matter what the weather, right? Plus, I have just enough yarn from this skein left over.

Thank you so much for all the lace suggestions. I'm leaning towards the Celtic Knot Stole, and saving the beads for a future project. No final decision yet though. I have added a significant number of lace projects to my queue though, and have to remind myself that I have my whole life to knit, and shouldn't feel pressure to get projects done.

Happy knitting!


Ursula said...

I love the bonnet! So glad it turned out. Okay, question: Newborns wear hats no matter what the weather? I live in Phoenix and figured October would still be hot. Not the case? Oh boy (or girl) I should have enough time to learn enough to cope. LOL

Anonymous said...

love the bonnet! Do share the pattern name please.. I have a baby I need to knit one for ;-)

km said...

This reworked bonnet looks great. And I know it feels great to "figure it out" on your own when the pattern doesn't work.

I'm right there with having too much to knit. It's not all up on my Ravelry Queue...but it's all floating in my head. I need to relax there too. Just every time I touch a new yarn I want to CO something new.