Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Apology

Dear Dishcloth Swap Pal,

I owe you an apology.

I gave away your dishcloths.

I KNOW, it's terrible! You might have seen them on the blog. Maybe you've been wondering, even hoping, that they were for you. Perhaps you just knew that the cloths I made were for you, as I was so in tune with what you wrote on your questionnaire. You may have even daydreamed about what your soap would be like, and you've imagined using the cloths and soap, as life moved on perfectly around you.

I can explain.

Today, I went with my in-laws to visit my husband's aunt. The aunt whom shares a name with little girl (which was actually, totally inadvertent. But, she doesn't know that). Auntie is over 90, and I couldn't think of what to bring her to brighten her day, and I figured I would pick up a box of chocolates or something on the way. But then, little ones were cranky, Big Boy was obnoxious before school, and it took forever to get ready to go. Time was ticking, and I needed a gift.

The good news is, Auntie really liked them! I'm sure if you have aunts, or in-laws, you understand.

I promise to knit you some new ones before your package goes out, and I do hope you accept my apology.

Happy Knitting


Anonymous said...

Very cute :-) And I hope they were mine.. becuase the cloths are beautiful... of course.. they now belong to auntie! ;-)

Miss Me said...

that's terribly sweet. didn't it feel nice to brighten an elderly lady's day?

km said...

I've just finished a washcloth for my little ones's easter basket. I was thinking I should have some on hand for 'last minute' gifts. Your post sealed the deal. I just can't give the orange one I've knit to anyone though.

cindybmw2004 said...

That really is very nice of you. I'm sure you have time to knit more and your swap partner will understand completely! :) Take Care!

Anonymous said...

It was an emergency! Your swap buddy will understand though! Don't you hate rough mornings? I can due without them!

Knit'inCrazee.... said...

How could anyone not understand! You did a RAK!

Have you ever knit a round dishcloth?

Love your blog!

Anne said...

LOL I'm sure your pal will understand - Pals are good like that, and she really wouldn't of known if ya hadn't told ;) It's nice your Aunt appreciated them, I'm sure. :)

KT said...

Knowing that you were my pal all along - this is so much funnier now (and it was pretty funny at the time). I love the 2nd time 'round cloths you made, and feel some kinship with your Auntie now. :) KT