Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Non-Shrug

I wore the Non-Shrug (because what else can I call it?) out to dinner last night, and I was SO glad! We were seated near a window and it was a little chilly, and I was SO GLAD that I had something to drape over my shoulders. The project might grow on me.

And yes, DH and I went out to dinner last night with friends. HOORAY for my in-laws for babysitting! We went to a cute little place in Boston's North End, and had a really great time. I had shrimp scampi, and the shrimp were GIANORMOUS! More importantly, we had a great time with our friends who are leaving for the mission field in Africa on Tuesday. Although I'm excited about their venture, I'm very sad for DH and myself. We will miss our friends terribly.

I haven't knit a thing today - not a single solitary stitch. I'll probably do something tonight - but what? Do I work some more on my sock? Cast on for my mittens? Cast on for a baby kimono? Spend more time checking out patterns on Ravelry and thus even less time knitting? We'll see what the night brings.

Happy knitting!


KrisW said...

I'm so glad that you were able to go out and have a good time! :) So...what did you end up knitting tonight? Me...spent way too much time looking at patterns and yardage on Ravelry. Time to get one more row done on my pullover. Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow. :)
P.S. Ready for more snow? and...anyone watching THE game in Boston tonight? :)

Anne said...

Oh that's awesome! It's always good to get out - and even better when you can do it with a knitted item that you turn out really glad to have!