Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Charity Knitting Challenge

The Patriots are playing the Giants in the Superbowl, and I couldn't be more excited! My husband has lived in the metro Boston area his whole life, and he LOVES the Pats. My dad is a lifelong Giants fan - and he's flying to Boston to watch the game with us!!!!! I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself! (Although, bummed that Dad says he can't take Buffalo wings on the plane with him.)

Sunday, during the two games, in between frying up my own homemade wings (Not nearly as good as Duff's), and corralling small children, I did some knitting.

The first is a baby hat for an expectant friend. The one on Bitty Baby is a preemie hat to donate to charity - they were being collected at my local A.C. Moore. I've realized that I should be knitting much more for charity. The preemie hat took about an hour and a half, and probably would have taken much less time if the Giants game hadn't been such a nail-biter. There's just no excuse, given all that I have, not to give to the less fortunate.

And so, I am challenging myself to knit one item for charity per month (it's not a lot - a preemie hat, a pair of mittens, a Warm-up America Square). I'm hoping that I'll do much more, but I've learned to set small goals for myself whenever I'm embarking on something new. Will you join me? Will you knit one item each month to be donated to some worthy cause? Knit for an organization in your neighborhood or across the world. (Don't know how to find an organization who needs handknits? Start here. Or, ask at your local A.C. Moore - I think they all hosted a Warm-up America event last Saturday, and are working through local organizations.)

Please, join me in making a difference. And, please, please - hold me accountable. If you don't see a charity project posted one month - tell me to live up to my own challenge!

Happy Knitting!

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