Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stash Glimpse

Here's the Cascade I bought to knit to the Noni Adventure bag. It's not quite as purple as it looks in the picture - it's like a brownish/purplish/chocolatey color - if that makes sense.

I'm more than halfway through the second baby kimono - and sick of it! Stockinette stitch goes so much slower than garter! I'm anxious to get started on the Adventure bag though, because I'll want my mom to sew in the zipper while I'm there in February. If only I didn't have a household to attend to! :)

Happy Knitting!


Knit'inCrazee.... said...

The yarn is gorgeous! I am anxious to see your Noni bag. Will it be for your knititng or everyday? How does one sew a zipper in a knitted bag?

Knitting Keep Me sane said...

I love the color. deep purple i just love.

Kati said...

I love the yarn - I really want to try this bag. But I've been in a sock craze lately that I can't seem to get out of. Can't wait to see how it works up. Do you sew your zippers in my hand or on a sewing machine after its felted?