Monday, September 3, 2007

Pink and Fluffy

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for DH's niece and nephew. His nephew turned 18, and got a Tony Hawk shirt, because what else do you get an 18 year-old boy. But his niece turned 10, and she got this:

Now I know, some of you knitters out there feel that there is no place in the world for fun fur. But, I know better! Little girls like things that are pink, fluffy, and glittery. She loved the flip flops, and was particularly excited because they matched the outfit she had on. I was so excited, because I got a huge hug as a thank you! DH is still trying to understand - he always thinks the b. day gifts for niece won't go over very well. I'm sticking to the formula though - pink and fluffy.

I finished my first Pay it Forward project, and with any luck, it will go in the mail tomorrow! Then, I plan on focusing on the wallaby for a few days.

Happy knitting!


michou said...

I think you are right there: pink and fluffy works all over the world for most girls :-)

km said...

You're right about the pink and fluffy. I'm using my fun fur bits and pieces as trim on little felted bags that end up at birthday parties for 5 year old girls. They totally LOVE the fun fur. I'm even thinking about a boa for my little 2. She loves the feather boas at Michael's but the feathers pull out and that's too messy.

TeaMouse said...

Those are so cool, and what a great gift idea for a girl!