Saturday, September 15, 2007

FFBE Contest #2

1. Here's the yarn for my bag. I'm inspired by one of the bags on my pal's blog, but I had to modify it to fit my level of knitting skills.

2. I've tried to visit everyone's blog once a week. But, Alana and I seem to be taking turns visiting each other's blogs and getting to know each other.

3. Done!

4. Done!


km said...

I used that squiggle yarn on my first felted bag. There 's a photo of it on my questionnaire. Maybe I'm a little bit of a perfectionist, but I pulled all the squiggles through to the front before the inside of my bag wasn't hairy. I love the color combo you chose. I'm sure your pal will love it.

Allison said...

Those colors are really pretty together. I can't wait to see your bag! I just got mine started as well.