Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Perfect Day

I had a great day yesterday! If you discount the fact that my husband has strep throat and my daughter thought 3:30 a.m. was a great time to wake up. Other than that, I had a great day!

The weather was perfect - hot, but not humid. My softball team, the Park Street Pros, won their game, and as the lead-off hitter I hit a respectable 4 for 6. Both kids took a nap AT THE SAME TIME (I love when that happens), and then, I went yarn shopping. Not only did I go yarn shopping, but I went with coupons in hand. And the kids were perfectly behaved while I debated about what to buy. The blue encore is for a wonderful wallaby I'm planning for little boy for Christmas. The verigated pattons yarn is for another version of Ela's favorite hat. Why am I knitting another hat? I knit the original one (see picture above) for little girl's pal. But then little girl tried it on, and it's too cute to give away!

Following the yarn shopping, I swung by Barnes & Noble to buy Laurie Notaro's new book - and I had enough store credit to buy the book and get $0.68 back! This book is fiction, a departure from Notaro's autobiographical essays. I can't wait to read it!

However, I joined the Knit the Classics, so after the kids went to bed last night I sat in the backyard and read Tender is the Night. Sat in the backyard, by myself, in perfect weather.

It was a great day!

Happy Knitting!

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