Monday, August 20, 2007


I work as a behavioral consultant. That means I work with parents & families, schools, and other child service providers around behavior issues. Last Thursday I did a staff training for early interventionists on biting and other aggressive behaviors. Ironically, yesterday in the church nursery this happened to little girl:

That, my friends, is a human bite mark. Poor little girl! She was holding a book, a little 23 month old boy tried to grab it, and when little girl didn't give it up, CHOMP! Thankfully, I was there when it happened and could comfort little girl right away. And, double thankfully, I so knew how to react! I think our tendencies when our children get hurt are to lash out and fight back on their behalf, no matter what. But, I completely understood that the poor little boy was overwhelmed and frustrated. I felt the worst for his mother because SHE felt terribly. In the end, the boy said he was sorry, and little girl said "Don't bite me!" I tried to get her to say "I forgive you", but she couldn't quite get that out. She has had all her shots, so we're just keeping antibiotic ointment on it. Little girl is enjoying pointing the bruise out to people.

In knitting news - I finished lil' Grace's hat. I'll post pictures and info. later.

Happy knitting!


Alana - Knit Wit said...

Ouch!! That really looks like it hurts. Hope it heals quickly. You were a very gracious mommy about the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

How long did this take to heal?