Friday, August 24, 2007

Boys' Clothes

I've heard from my Fall Felted Bag Pal! Hello, out there, secret pal! I hope you're having as much getting to know about me as I am getting to know my swappee (or, is the person I send to my swapper? Far too confusing...)

Yesterday, I finished Big Boy's hat. I didn't use a pattern. Instead, I used the information in the Yarn Harlot's book Casts-Off to make it up as I went along. I feel so smart! The pompom isn't quite right. I haven't sewn it on yet. I've started a matching scarf, and I'm hoping to have enough yarn left over to redo it. I'm fairly certain it will fit him - we'll find out when he opens it up on Christmas morning! The Boy is here tonight though, so no working on gifts for him! Instead, DH, Big Boy and I played several games of Sorry!

And then I cast on and started the ribbing for Little Boy's Wonderful Wallaby. I ordered the pattern through Linda, and I must have reminded her the Wallaby exists. She's running a class in September. Sadly, I won't be in the Buffalo area until October. But, my mom is taking the class, so she'll be able to help me over the phone. I'm very concerned about joining the pocket.

Thanks to everyone who posted or emailed about picking up stitches. I'm ready to give it a try!

Tomorrow, Little Girl and I are taking my mother- and sister-in-law out to tea. We're all very excited!


Dana said...

Wow- great hat! Have ewe any wool is super close to my house- but my husband jokes everytime we drive by that we have LOTS and LOTS of wool.

Allison said...

The FFBE should be fun! I love your hats - they are very cute!

Felted Bag Pal said...

And hello to you!! I'm definitely having fun nosing around your blog :D

I love your hat - I think you did a really great job, and the pom pom looks great to me! Then again, I've never done one - so perhaps it's envy too ;)