Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fitzgerald, WNY, and Lysol

Thankfully, all signs of sickness have left the house!

I've finished reading Tender is the Night, and am realizing there's no reason to make a flapper hat. There are no flappers in the book. I love Fitzgerald's references to places in Western New York. I have BEEN to Batavia many times (well, I've driven through it), and I have friends who live in Lockport. Hooray for WNY! I also learned that reading the classics takes away knitting time.

I have finished two dishcloths as a housewarming gift and the second version of Ela's favorite hat. This one WILL be wrapped up and given as a gift. (Is it bad that I lysoled the hat and cloths, just in case I had sick germs that will survive?)

I've cast on a hat for big boy. I wanted to make a striped stocking hat, but DH said the boy is too old for such cutsy-ness. I haven't found a pattern for a striped hat that I like, which means I'm making up my own pattern as I go along. I'm a little nervous! I'm using the Superwash Wool for Knit Picks in navy and green. I wish the green was a little more Kelly green, but the Dublin will have to do.

I finally got a sign-up for Pay It Forward. I know from my counter people are reading this - so c'mon! Sign up!

Also, if you're interested, check out the Christmas Around the World Swap. It's closing at 100 people, which I think leaves 10 spots.

Happy Knitting!

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