Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another Contest

I just found another contest on the web. This one is Mandy's Candy Bag. The bag is too cute, and if you knit it and post a picture, you can win some stuff. I think it's the perfect size to give to little girl - she can have a few treats and then a new purse!

I'm currently knitting the I-cords for the top of Ela's hat. Hopefully, I'll finish tonight. Tomorrow night is knit/chat/craft and snack night at my house (it's actually the first one ever) and I'm hoping to be starting a hat for Big Boy for Christmas. Unfortunately, I can't find a pattern I really love, so I'll be winging it.

Did I mention I love hats? They provide such a sense of accomplishment in so little time!

Happy Knitting!

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Dorothy!

Thanks for linking me up on your blog! How did you find me?

Have fun at your craft night. We do them on Sat nights at our house during the winter (some of my older posts show pics and stuff)... they are a lot of fun.