Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hi everyone!

Check out this contest - it's fast and easy. Be sure to say that I sent you!

I knit a hat yesterday for Cubs for Kids as part of the football-a-long. Today, I'll work on the scarf. I'm not going to knit a sweater - time, stash, (and my skill level!) wouldn't let me finish on time. Hopefully, I can find a shirt for the bear at Michael's. I still have to put a pompom on the hat - I can't decide if it should be orange or black. The yarn was in my stash, but it's my high school colors. Go Amherst Tigers!

Somehow, I now have three projects going - Big Boy's hat, Lil' Grace's hat (a Christmas gift using the encore I have left from the second Ela's favorite hat), and the bear scarf. Craziness!

Also, as soon as the bear scarf is done, I need to cast on for my Tender is the Night project. It's not going to be the color I want it to be, because I'm using yarn from my stash, but I'm excited just the same.

(Across the living room, little girl is sitting next to Daddy as he naps on the chair. It's too cute for words!)


Alana - Knit Wit said...

I thought I'd check out your blog after you'd left a comment on mine. I started blogging for the same reason as you--I needed a blog to be in a swap! I've done 3 so far, and it's really been fun!

I read all your posts (yes, ALL!!) and enjoyed seeing all the fun things you're making. You've made some of the cutest hats, and the one for the preemie was TOO sweet!

Kati said...

Thanks for the info on the contest. I checked it out and made a note that you sent me. So you should get an extra entry. Good Luck!