Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby Bonnet Blues

I've just about finished the baby bonnet. I'm still supposed to pick up some stitches around the back edge, and add some ribbing. I'm waiting until this weekend to have my mom look at it (my parents are coming to town for the 3 kids' birthday party. We like to do just one family party - it's much easier.)

Anyway, here's the bonnet.

It's not bad from the front. It's the back that's an issue.

I know some babies have a cone shaped head, but I've never seen one with a cone in the back. I'm quite certain that the decreases should have stopped much earlier. I searched for errata for the book, but no luck, and no one else had done the pattern on Ravelry. Hopefully, mom will know what to do!

I realized that today is March 31st, and I have not knit a single thing for charity yet this month. I've cast on for the Baby Squash hat from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders, using the same yarn as the bonnet. It probably won't get done tonight, but at least it was started in March. I found a local organization that distributes hand knit items, and have decided to donate through them - they take all kinds of items and distribute them locally where needed.

Happy Knitting!

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