Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dishcloth Package has Arrived!

This morning, I had a package on my porch! It is from Stephanie, who lives in Munich, Germany, which is why the package took so long to get here!

Look what was inside:

THREE pink, very soft dishcloths, and some wonderful coffee soap. There's also some tea (I really only remember "Ich habe kein geld" [I have no money] and "Ich habe keine zeit" [I have no time] from German class, so I can't translate the box. Oh, why didn't I study more???) I think it's rose flavored - I'm going to have some after the kids go to sleep! There's also a gorgeous Chinese tea box stuffed with candy, a small black bag and change purse, and some bamboo needles. And of course - yarn! Two skeins of striped cotton. I think the green "camo" colors would make a great washcloth for Big Boy.

Thank you so much Stephanie, I love everything!


KT said...

Hey - If you post the German I'm sure someone can translate - maybe even me (though my German is also rusty!) - KT

km said...

Such a beautiful package. It's so fun when mail comes from such far away places.

S. said...

I am sooo glad it arrived. I'm always afraid that it might get lost or something. And I'm relieved you like everything that's in it. It was great having you as a swap partner!

Anne said...

ooh that yarn looks yummy! I love the yarns Stephanie sends :D

Alana - Knit Wit said...

What a great package... And fun to get things from so far away!