Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's Catch Up

It seems like I haven't talked to you in FOREVER. Just those quick little check-ins to let you know I was alive. So, let's catch up, shall we?

I spent most of last week knitting on the lace shawl like crazy, and getting sick again. Fever, chills, bad cough and cold. Pretty much the same as last time, but not quite as severe. It's really annoying. I'm tired of being sick - I have things to do!

I spent Easter Sunday pretty hyped up on cold medication. It's not a bad way to spend a day, but it's disappointing not being able to taste all the good food. Although, the good news, I'm not really tempted to eat the kids' candy! The Easter Bunny brought me a Jodi Piccoult book, in an attempt to help me stick to eating healthier, and lose some weight. I'm not obsessive about my weight, and I generally stink at dieting. But, I'm still carting around a bunch of extra pounds from my pregnancies, and I'd like to lose them. I've been doing Pilates at home while the kids nap, and I'm trying to walk a few times a week (which means putting both kids in the stroller, which is new to them. They're used to walking. But they walk very slowly, and that's not conducive to my own aerobic activity.) I've lost a few pounds, and if I could lose a few pounds more, I'd be pretty happy.

Knitting, by the way, also does not help my aerobic activity. I've started to focus on a baby bonnet. The picture doesn't show much, I know.

I'm co-hosting a shower for the mom-to-be in May, and I'd like to have this, a bib, and a washcloth or three done. We'll see... There's also a wedding shower next month, for which I had hoped to have a dozen or so dishcloths. That's not happening. I'll be hitting the stores for that gift instead!

So, that's what's been going on with me. What's been happening in your life?

Happy knitting!


Miss Me said...

sorry to hear that you're sick again... i'm obsessive about not eating when i'm knitting, so that while i'll never knit fast enough for it to be an aerobic workout, at least i'm not eating while i do it!

km said...

Another cold...I hear you with just wanting cold season to be over. Feel better soon.

Shawnee said...

Oh man, you've been sick, too? I hope you're on the road to recovery SUPER quick!

Alana - Knit Wit said...

Seems like so many people are getting the same ills over and over again this year. I felt like I had a cold in one form or another from October through February.

Your Blue Jeans Shawl turned out fabulous, and you got it done so fast! Looks like you've got that lace thing all figured out!!