Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Despite the Patriots' loss to the Giants last night, we had a great Super Bowl weekend!

My Dad, a lifelong Giants fan, flew into town on Friday night to spend the weekend with us. We spent Saturday at various hockey practices/games, and eating at our favorite restaurant (good food, and super kid friendly!).

Sunday, we got into the spirit of football with some decorations
Homemade pizza and wings
(The girls helped out with this one. I cut the picture of the wings, because it just looked weird, but trust me, they were yummy)

And lowfat dessert
(I used a boxed cake mix and 1 1/2 cups of diet Coke. In the future, I'd add a little water. The topping is fat free whipped topping, and the footballs are sugar. I ate a cupcake without one).

We also had a little pregame trivia
and the kids played "Pin the Football through the Goal Posts".

We had a great time, even though the home team lost. I was hoping for an exciting game, and I sure got that!

Today, Baby Girl, my Dad and I went to Walden Pond and the DeCordova Sculpture Park. Walden Pond was gorgeous! The Sculpture Park is filled with modern art sculptures, which isn't really our cup of tea. But, the grounds are gorgeous and free when the museum is closed (which it is on Mondays), and I think it will be a great place to picnic in the spring or summer with the kids. Somewhere to go, just to go somewhere.

Despite the cold, I've done almost no knitting. I finished up a baby cardigan for a friend of my mom's, and tonight I finally cast on for the left front of my Viking Hoodie. I hope to finish both fronts by the end of the month, but since February is a short month, that might be a long shot.

I hope your knitting is moving along at a much quicker pace than mine.

Happy Knitting!

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