Friday, February 24, 2012

Perfect Day

Yesterday was a Perfect Day.

We're on school vacation here, so I started the day by sleeping in until 8 a.m. This is pretty unheard of in my life, but my husband is home, and I just couldn't open my eyes. And so, blissfully, I slept.

Once I got ready, I took Little Boy to buy new sneakers. We found a great pair at a great price in the first store we went to, and then we headed to another store to buy him some jeans (because all of his have holes in the knees. Does anyone else have this problem with their little boys? EVERY PAIR!) While at the clothing store, both boys picked out birthday gifts for the girls (Birthday week kicks off on Thursday here).

After our errands, we joined up with the rest of the family and went out to lunch at an old fashioned lunch counter. This place was so much fun and the food was delicious!!! The kitchen is open, so the kids had a great time watching the waitresses make ice cream sundaes. We particularly liked that the whipped cream came out of a hose from the counter. If you live in the area, I highly recommend you take a little trip to Newton. The menu is pretty extensive, and breakfast is served all day. There are enough flavors of ice cream to please everyone, and despite the crowd when we arrived, we only waited a few minutes to be seated.

Right before we left the house for lunch, we received a phone call from my brother-in-law. He's in the ticket business, and he offered Little Girl and I tickets to go see Disney on Ice that afternoon! We took him up on the offer, so after lunch my husband dropped us downtown at the TD Bank Garden, and we enjoyed a Princess-filled ice show.

(This is from Tianna's number. My camera isn't great in low lighting and fast moves)

We were particularly impressed with Rapunzel and Finn's aerobatics, and Little Girl absolutely loved the finale when all the princesses showed up. As a mom, I really appreciated that all the cast members went out of their way to make eye contact with the kids and wave at them. I was also impressed with how friendly and patient the concession stand workers were. Maybe all the little girls in princess crowns softened them up a bit!

We took the "T" home, and my husband picked us up at the station. My kids LOVE to ride the subway. We ate our leftovers from lunch for dinner, and then played "Hide 'n Seek." We play with only a few lights on in the house, which means there are a lot more places to hide. Baby girl is the worst player. She's pretty good at hiding and being quiet, until someone calls her name. She feels compelled to answer every time! I am the undisputed champ, having seekers give up three separate times in their attempts to find me (best spots - in the corner of a bed with a coat over me, and underneath a bed, behind the parked trucks).

After "Hide 'n Seek" the kids settled in for a move, and I went to Another Yarn in Winchester to buy yarn for a baby sweater. I've now been to this store three times (I was back today because I forgot to look for a shawl pin), and I still haven't really looked around. I can say though, that I've been thrilled with the friendly service. I find a lot of yarn shop people seem kind of stand-offish. I'm never sure if it's a New England thing, or a yarn shop thing, or whatnot, but the people I've interacted with at this shop have been friendly and helpful. I would love to spend some more time in the shop, getting to know the people and the yarn!!!

As a parent, there are few days where everything just falls into place easily, there are no big hiccups to deal with, and every activity is a big success. Yesterday was one of those days though, and I am so thankful!

Here's hoping you have a perfect day!
Happy Knitting!

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