Saturday, February 11, 2012

Left Front...

I'm swimming along on the left front of the Viking Cable Hoodie.

I've decreased for the armseye, and now I have 6-ish inches of knitting to the shoulder shaping. I'm only following two charts, which are identical except for one row, so I'm using the cute stitch markers my mom gave me for Christmas.

I'd love to have this sweater done by the end of the month, but I'll be happy if both fronts are at least completed. I keep reminding myself that my arms are long, and sweater sleeves take forever.

In non-knitterly news, not much is going on in these parts. I'm trying to plan a family-friendly Valentine's Dinner, that fits into Big Boy's hockey practice schedule. (DH and I will have a romantic dinner some other night this month). I found a recipe for Tortellini Rose that sounded promising. Dessert will definitely be something chocolate! We'll see if it's low-fat too...

Oh! We did have some great news last week - Big Boy made the Honor Roll for the second time this year! Who knew that 6th grade would be such a great experience for him?

Happy Knitting!

1 comment:

km said...

The cardi looks great. I've got a green cable cardi that I LOVE...I can see you'll get a lot of use out of this one.

I think my most memorable Valentine's dinner as a kid was when my mom used a bit of juice from canned beets to turn our mashed potatoes pink.

And yeah for 6th grade honor roll!