Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Slowest Project Ever

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I'm a huge fan of the One Skein Wonders series. (BTW, I neglected to include the fact that my husband got me the newest book - Luxury One Skein Wonders - for Christmas in my knitterly gifts post. Shame on me!) It won't be a surprise then, that my first baby knitting project is the Wave Jumper from the designer book. The dress is a modified feather and fan pattern, and super cute. It's knit using sock yarn on size 1 needles. (I'm using something called "On Your Toes". I wasn't sure if I would like this dress in a variegated colorway, but I'm loving it!)


I cast on for this project on January 2nd. As of today, I have knit 2 inches. I need 8 inches before dividing for the armholes. I had to take a little break.

So, I cast on for a cabled baby hat from the Luxury book (not in luxury yarn.)

Happy and speedy knitting to you all!


km said...

You only have to hurry on that one if you're knitting the 0-3 size. Your little one will be here SOON. I need to add some of those books to my wish list.

Miss Me said...

i'm with kristen - so long as the baby gets to wear it, its all good.

Jknits said...

I got this book too! I love it. I haven't tried a pattern yet - I'm just enjoying reading them. Looking forward to seeing the sweater - I'll be it's gorgeous.