Monday, January 5, 2009

February Lady Sweater

Saturday night, I finished weaving in the ends of my February Lady Sweater. I'm very pleased with it, and can't wait to wear it! (Hopefully, today!) I used Encore Worsted (because I have small children, and I needed this to be washable and affordable), and knit it with my Denise Needles, using a 52" cord (which made trying it on very easy). Hopefully, I'll wear it today and get my husband to take a picture of me in it!

Happy knitting!


km said...

This looks so great! I really need to take the time to knit a few things I have lined up for myself.

ponyknit said...

Beautiful! I've got a FLS lingering on the needles.

Miss Me said...

beautiful! and cardigans are so great when you're pregnant since they'll always fit over "the belly".