Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gifts Received

I did receive some WONDERFUL knitterly gifts this Christmas.

From my mom, I got this:

The pattern book for the Great American Afghan. I can't say that I plan on ever making the entire afghan (although I've seen one, and it's SO BEAUTIFUL!), but I thought I'd make some of the squares and hang them up as art. Or, make a smaller blanket. I love that each square has something to teach, and is a small way to practice new skills.

Mom also gave me this:

The kit includes enough yarn to make one hat, but the directions for all of the hats pictured. (Which is really 3 hats, with varying borders and ear flaps.) I probably won't start the hat until the fall, but I'm excited nonetheless. I was very pleased with the Norwegian Hat I made myself, and I'm excited to make one for one of the kids (and who knows, maybe they'll all get one next winter.)

Finally, my best friend gave me this book:

It's really brought back to mind my resolution to be knitting for charity. (And there are a TON of different charities for knitting.) This book includes some history of charitable knitting and highlights different charities, as well as having some really cute patterns (the preemie jester hats are TOO CUTE!) Because of the craziness that a new baby is going to bring, I want to be reasonable in my charity knitting goals, so I think I will plan to make at least one baby/preemie hat a month this year. Hold me to that, okay?

Happy Knitting!


Knitting with a Purpose said...

I'll join you in that "one baby hat a month" goal! I have tons of great baby yarn, all for that exact purpose. Where do you donate to? I've done stuff for Children's but it was sort of like donating into a void, they never let me know if they actually used the hats or anything. I just got info from Project Linus for blankets, and I think they take hats too.

Miss Me said...

i'll have to check out that book. i would think that charity knitting could be very fulfilling.

km said...

I totally need to focus on my gifted knitting. If not for charity, then just to other ladies I love, just because. I've been wanting to gift dishcloths to friends just because they are special to me. I need to actually make that happen.