Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catch Up

Apparently, I'm sick.

DH was sick Friday and Saturday, and now I'm sick. The one complaint I really have about being a mom, is that mom's don't get sick days. Thankfully, I think Little Girl is fighting off sickness, so she's been pretty quiet today. (Just to be clear, I'm thankful that she was quiet, not that she might be sick.) Also, thank the Lord that PBS plays cartoons all day! I could be a lot worse, but I'm pretty achy and have a cough. . Little girl received a Drs. kit for Christmas, and she's been taking care of me, and drawing pictures of my "sickies". Little boy has been using this opportunity to play with all of little girl's toys.

On Sunday, I visited my in-laws and left second sock there by mistake. Poor second sock. I've worked a little bit on Calorimety, but I haven't felt much like knitting today.

So, a little unfinished business.

Miss Me asked me to describe a WNY fish fry. Oh, so good! Okay, so you get a BIG piece of haddock - think 10-12" long and decently thick. It gets beer battered and fried - crispy, not greasy. Served with french fries and coleslaw. I didn't realize what a regional thing it is, until I moved to New England. I mean, Boston is lacking for seafood, but Fish 'n Chips is NOT the same as fish fry. It's just not. When I was home, we ate at the Family Tree, which is a little Greek restaurant (Baily Avenue, Amherst). I miss chicken souvlaki - they don't really have Greek diners around here. If you wanted something a little more upscale, The Eagle House also has an excellent Fish fry.

Also, a few days ago I was tagged by Cathy

The Rules
1.Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages.
2.Open the book to page 123 and find the 5th sentence.
3.Post the next 3 sentences.
4.Tag 5 people

I couldn't find a book with only 123 pages, but someone else had this on their blog as 123 or more pages. I'll go with that one! The nearest book is Home To Holly Springs by Jan Karon.

The palm of her hand was cool; she wore a suit the color of the blue parlor walls.
"I didn't know whether you'd come."
"I wasn't so sure about it myself."

Okay, my head hurts.


Miss Me said...

sorry you're not feeling well, but pbs is a mom's best friend on those days. (i'll still watch arthur if i can convince the boys...) deep fried or pan fried? it sounds very much like the fish i grew up eating not too far away in ontario. nope - i haven't found it anywhere else either! and greek? YUM! we have one GREAT greek restaurant in fredericton.

km said...

Feel better soon! I know how badly I've wished that Mommies got sick days too.