Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pictures for Yesterday's Post

Okay, here are the pictures I was too lazy to take yesterday.

Fingerless gloves, of two different sizes. (They're not blocked yet, but they look really nice when they're on my hands.)

Sock yarn bought at Have Ewe Any Wool?'s Anniversary Celebration. I wanted to do some self-striping yarn, but the Celestial is SO soft, I just want to cuddle with it. Of course, I won't be knitting socks until I finish two more fingerless gloves of different sizes, and 4 more hats for small children. You would think the hats would go fast, but the pattern that I like calls for several inches of K1P1 ribbing, which just isn't a fast process for me.

The Norwegian Hat. I'm using Dolly yarn. My mom is having a bit of trouble with the yarn stretching for her mittens, so I'm a little nervous about the hat. BTW - My mom is SO awesome! She bought me the yarn, and lent me her #3 and #4 circular needles!!

And, just because it's so darn cute, here's another look at the Gelato bag Anne made me.

Thank goodness the sun is out today! My little ones need to run around. I think I already mentioned, DH is camping tonight. SO, I'm hoping the kids will go to bed easily, and I can vegetate in front of some ridiculously girly movie with a chicken finger sub. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Knitting!


Kim said...

Fingerless gloves are the best thing in the entire Knitting World. And yours are quite lovely.

Dorothy said...

If only they were the same size! Oh well. I've finished a match for the smaller one this afternoon.

Karla said...

Thanks for visiting my blog last week during the Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway tour. I'll be giving away another book this week, so stop by again for another chance to win!

Anonymous said...

Great projects! I love the stripey bag!

Just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget Pay It Forward :) I hope to have my gifts out this month!

(and it's finally cool enough here for me to use your gift!)