Saturday, November 3, 2007

Knitterly News

I have actually done some knitting.

I finished my project for The Book Thief for Knit the Classics. I'll be posting about that later today or tomorrow.

I started a hat for a small child at the Sabres game Thursday night. (Sabres lost in overtime. Very sad, but GREAT game!) I also have the Wave Fingerless Gloves from One Skein Wonders on the needles, and a Norwegian hat.

Oh, the hat! Okay, so when I was in Buffalo I took a Norwegian mitten class at Have Ewe Any Wool. After getting the technique down for the colorwork, I realized that my stitches were pulled way too tight. So, I was going to rip out the thing and start over. Then, I realized that the way the pattern is written, I would have had to figure out how to move the thumb over to the other side by myself. I decided it was a little much, and thus, I'm going to make a hat instead. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to work on it since getting home. Colorwork requires concentration, and it's hard to do that when the kids are around. This week has been so crazy with Halloween, I just haven't had the energy after the kids go to bed. But, I am thinking about working on it soon.

Three hours later:

Okay, I finished the fingerless gloves. Sadly, one of them is 8 rows shorter than the other. I must have miscounted the repeats. The good news is, I have enough yarn to make two more. One of them, of course, 8 rows shorter than than the other.

Sorry for the lack of pictures - I'm feeling lazy. I'll try to add pictures tomorrow.

DH is going camping tomorrow night with kids from school. I'm kind of looking forward to an evening by myself, but we'll see how the kids are. They've been really hyper this week (gee, I wonder why? Halloween parties and candy and weird nap times, and all.) Hopefully, the weather will allow us to get outside tomorrow.

Happy knitting!

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