Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Hat/Scarf Swap

I took part in Crochetoholic Debb's October Hat/Scarf Swap. Look what Debb sent me!

The picture doesn't show everything as nicely as I had hoped! (Kids grabbing at things -had to to take it quickly!) Debb sent some BEAUTIFUL pink alpaca blend yarn. It feels so warm and cozy, and it's going to look beautiful in the pattern that she sent. There's also a GORGEOUS mug, which I realize is hidden in this picture. There's an adorable Halloween cross-stitch, and a pumpkin bath sponge, as well as 2 bath "squishys". There were also buttons and decorative beads, and these beautiful stitch markers:

Thank you, Debb, for such a wonderful package, and for hosting this swap!

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