Thursday, November 29, 2007

One of those Days


I'm having one of those days, and it's only 10:00 a.m.

DH is home sick, and the little ones are exceptionally whiny. I took them out to do errands, and we came home after one store. ONE STORE! We went to A.C. Moore where little girls ignored everything I said, little boy refused to sit and he broke two terra cotta pots. I just wasn't having it - we came home. I feel like I have so much to get done, and I don't know how it's going to happen!

I should be knitting or something, but I feel like the minute I sit down, the kids are into something.

I'm sorry, I know I'm whining. I'm hoping some of you are mothers and can relate.

I should point out that Big Boy had a great morning, and was actually cuddly after breakfast. Big Boy is RARELY in the mood to be cuddled.


km said...

I've had so many of those days. I hope it adds a smile to today...I'm packing a box for you right now. =0) Suprises coming soon.

KrisW said...

OH Yes!!! I remember those days well!
Too well, even though the eldest is now in college (ps...the years DO pass too quickly, from this mom's perspective!).
Now dear, take a big breath...and do some or all of the following!
take a big breath
write yourself a thankful list to the Lord
have a hot cup of tea or coffee...alone...
even if you must lock yourself in the bathroom to enjoy it!
Eat chocolate or something yummy that is just for you, again
Give each kid a hug
Ummm...besides prayer, coffee, and big breaths...I'm not full of ideas..but I'm sending you a big sisterly hug in the Lord! Let us know how it goes!:)