Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rhinebeck Flag

While my parents were here I made my mom and I Rhinebeck Flags for our cars. I had been thinking about this project for a couple of weeks, and kept meaning to get to the craft store to figure it out, but just got too busy with the housewarming party. I finally decided that I would need to use a car window flag, like the kind you often see with sports teams on them. And lucky for me, our local card store happened to have 2 Red Sox World Champions flags in a clearance bin. I was able to purchase the flags for a mere $2 each.


I managed to dig out some fabric left over from a project I did for Christmas 2006.

I checked around online and found some knitting-related clip and fonts to make some graphics. I printed them out on iron-on transfer paper and put them on the fabric. Then, I sewed the fabric directly to the flags and voila! I have two flags ready to go to Rhinebeck!

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