Friday, January 29, 2010

Rough Times...

It's been rough here the last few days - 5 out of the 6 of us came down with a nasty stomach bug. Baby girl was the first to fall. She was up most the night on Monday, seemed fine on Tuesday, and was sick again on Wednesday. I felt fine up until the moment I puked. I don't think you need more details than that, but I did wind up in the ER on Wednesday night to be hydrated. (And no, those of you who know me, I'm not pregnant. I can actually just be sick all on my own.) The husband, Big boy, and Little Girl followed pretty quickly. Not sure how Little Boy avoided it, but he did. Lucky him!

Yesterday was spent sleeping, laying in bed staring into space, drinking ginger ale, and eating popsicles. Repeat those activities in any order. And today, we all feel fine! We've washed sheets, disinfected every surface, steam cleaned the rugs and furniture, and we'll be our normal selves tomorrow.

Sadly, my cousin was supposed to come visit us this weekend, and now she's not coming. I'm really bummed - we always have such a good time. I also had to cancel ice skating with friends, and a night of knitting.

Knitting has also been rough. Joan has finished her third or fourth sweater for Fourth Trimester, and I haven't even touched my first one. I knit up a fair isle Christmas Ornament that I hate, and my sweater is going very slowly. I need some knitting satisfaction, and I need it soon!!!!!


wool free and lovin' knit said...

Wow, Dorothy, don't envy you your week but glad to hear you are all feeling better. Of course seeing as I don't have the 4 sick kids it's a little easier for me to get up to that fourth sweater LOL. Hope you get some happy knitting time soon and in the meantime, why don't you put on those lovely mittens!

Nina said...

This stomach bug is apparently going around all over the globe.. Maybe it *is* catching over the internet? The husband is the only one who didn't get sick at our house. And the boy only had a tummyache, so he got off pretty lightly too. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! :)