Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun and Crafty Times

I had a SUPER busy day yesterday, filled with all kinds of crafty goodness. Before I tell you about that though, please allow me to present my first finished object of 2010: The Cotton Kisses Pullover.

I finished this sweater a few days into January, but it wasn't given to the intended recipient until Thursday. Baby John is absolutely adorable, tiny and sweet. He has two big sisters eager to give him attention, and he yawns so sweetly.

The pattern comes with the ball of yarn and duckie buttons. I made the cardigan pattern for baby girl, but I don't love it. The pullover is MUCH sweeter. It's knit flat, and my mom sewed it together for me while we were visiting over Christmas. (She's great like that!)

Yesterday morning, I taught a beginner's knitting class! Our local family network offers free playgroups, parenting classes, and a variety of other programs for families with young children. While speaking with the director of the network at a preschool meeting, the idea of a knitting class came up. We decided to offer a class, including free child care, in an effort to teach a new skill and build community amongst local moms. I've been really excited about this idea, and yesterday I taught two moms how to knit! We're hoping that more people will be signing up, and that the program really explodes to include lots of knitters. We're also hoping that each new knitter will (eventually) knit one item for local families in need. I truly hope that this class takes off!

After a morning of knitting, I spent the afternoon cleaning (and washing dishes. How do dishes multiply so quickly in my sink?) because I had a little beading party last night. A friend from church came and taught 7 of us how to make our own beaded jewelry. I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to sit and craft with friends, and learn a new skill. I really like my necklace, and will try to get a good picture of it later. I'm pretty sure all of my friends were pleased with their jewelry too! Thanks, Jen! We had a GREAT time!

Oh! I used the party as an excuse to make Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake (the recipe is on their cocoa box.) SO GOOD!

I plan on spending the day sitting around and knitting a lot (mostly on my sweater.) How about you?
Happy knitting!


Nina said...

I think your knitting class sounds so cool! I wish we had something like that over here too.

And the pullover is really sweet. :)

km said...

I keep thinking I need a knitting night/time to teach some friends at my house. The only draw back for me would be all the little ones would have to come along.

Today was a basketball & birthday party day. Next weekend we have rocket races for treeclimbers and 2 more birthday parties. Not sure how we have so many friends born at the same time. I'm knitting on my 2nd socks when I'm out and my hoodie when I'm home.

wool free and lovin' knit said...

cute sweater -- aren't mom's the best for stitching up? Of course you do realize that about 20 years from now you'll be the one stitching up the stuff your kids knit.