Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Note to Self

You're knitting a sweater for yourself. Congratulations! You have plenty of yarn in the same dye lot and you even swatched to ensure proper gauge. You've adjusted your needle size, and you're pretty darn proud of yourself. Way to go!

However, you are not a size XS, so casting on only enough stitches for that size and knitting 5" in a 1x1 rib won't get you very far in owning a sweater you can wear.

I suppose I should offer up some kind of congratulations for realizing your mistake now, and not after knitting the entire back. Unfortunately, it means you've officially accomplished nothing in the past 4 days.



Deb said...

That stinks!!!

Nina said...

Aw crap, that sucks. :(

Anonymous said...

You knitted for 4 days. It was fun, right? Now you get to start over again and didn't have to spend one single penny on yarn! ;)

km said...

I knit an entire top-down sweater (except the sleeves) when I found that my gauge had gotten looser as I knit...enough that I had to frog the entire thing. The yarn sat for 1 year before I could look at it again...but I finally finished it...and I love wearing the sweater.