Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wasting Time

Seriously, I've spent the past week wasting a lot of time. I should be organizing/cleaning my house. I have taken down the Christmas tree, but there are still three boxes of Christmas stuff in my dining room. I should take them downstairs, deal with the other three boxes of Christmas stuff in the basement, and get everything condensed and orderly so I don't have to think about it until next year.

I've checked out a lot of patterns on Ravelry.

I should be going through my dresser drawers, sorting out stuff, and organizing.

I've read a lot of knitting blogs.

I should be actually knitting on stuff, so that I can start knitting other stuff.

I feel kind of guilty knitting, because I should be cleaning and organizing. So, there's not a lot of knitting happening.

I did cast on last week for this. I used the suggestions on Ravelry to modify the pattern to be knit in the round. I divided for the armholes yesterday. I'm a little concerned that if I don't get it done soon, baby girl will have outgrown it before she gets to wear it.

Last night, I swatched for my sweater. I used a size 10.5 needle, and my swatch was too big. I probably would have known that if I read the pattern correctly - it called for a size 10 needle. Grrrr....

I'm in a bit of a spiritual slump lately. I've spent a lot of time telling my husband "I just can't do this [or that or the other thing] anymore." Our Bible study on Tuesday was really good for me though. We studied Philippians 4. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (v. 13) Hmmmm.....I guess I have to start telling myself that I CAN do all those things, if I'm relying on God. And I have to practice relying on God.

Please remember Haiti in your prayers, and find some practical way to help. Please don't underestimate the importance of prayers.

Happy knitting!


km said...

I've been quoting Phil 4:13 to myself A LOT too. If you look at your hands...the verse has 10 for each finger! (I guess it might be different in another translation) I've been tapping it out. Praying for your Strength! It is in HIM!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

The January blahs hit hard, don't they? Hopefully the milder weather today and tomorrow will give you a lift. Can't believe I'm considering 42 F. to be mild -- felt positively balmy today. LOL.

Nina said...

I've been wasting lots of time lately too. At work. About 37.5 hours every week to be exact. I'd rather be doing anything else. I really need to get out of this slump too.. But hey, Spring is just around the corner, then we'll all brighten up, right? :)