Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad Decisions

One of my knitting goals this year is to a little bit of Christmas knitting every month. I even belong to a Christmas Knitting Group on Ravelry. This month's project was ornaments. I wanted to make several ornaments featuring the Norwegian Star, and give them to my mom and cousins. Unfortunately, every decision that I made ensured that the final result would be awful.

I used yarn in my stash - Bollicine Dolly. The yarn is terrible - it kept splitting, and I'd have to cut it and start further down the strand. I also didn't swatch, and just guessed at using size 4 needles. The ornament turned out the size of a softball - not exactly the size you want on a tree. Furthermore, I decided to knit the ornament in the round and stuff it with polyfil, rather than knit it flat and sew it around a styrofoam ball. (I actually started to knit it flat, but the yarn was really annoying with the splitting and I just got sick of it. Too bad too - I've never done colorwork flat, and a small project like this is a good way to try it out.) The result is rather lumpy, and not at all attractive.

See what I mean?

The kids have asked if they can use it as a ball. I think I'll let them.


km said...

I think it does make a good baby ball though. And maybe you've stumbled across a great baby toy on accident.

Nina said...

It's still cute tho. :) And just perfect as a kiddie toy.

Jknits said...

I completely agree - darling ball. My mom did some ornaments from the Knitpicks Kit. They had her using fingering weight yarn on size 2 needles for ornaments that ended up a size somewhere between a walnut and a clementine.