Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Magic of Short Rows

I decided to knit a pair of booties. Not for any particular reason, except I had suitable yarn, the right needles, and I figured they would be kind of quick. I used the pattern from Claire Montgomerie's book Easy Baby Knits. I've finished one bootie, and it was super easy! As I was reading over the pattern though, the last instruction is to seam it up - and I just couldn't picture what the flat-knit bootie would look like. I figured it would be obvious.

And boy was it!

As you can see, by photo of bootie #2, the part that is the toe is totally obvious - all through the magic of short rows. It just amazes me what can be done in terms of design elements to lend a project shape. It amazes me even more that designers have the ability to visualize the use of short rows to make something.

I might make the matching scratch mitts, just cause.

I finally finished the hat I made with the leftover yarn from the Wave Jumper. The pattern is the Baby Wood Nymph Hat and I really like that it's nice and stretchy. I think baby girl will look adorable in it. (And when she outgrows it, Bitty Baby can claim it as her own.)

Baby girl seems to enjoy just hanging out, and has given no indication that she plans on being born soon. Mommy, on the other hand, is quite ready.

Happy Knitting!

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Jknits said...

I'm with you - that whole short row thing mystifies me but I do like the results. Your booties are darling. So is the hat.