Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Easy Sweater

This sweater was so fast and easy, I'm considering making another one in a bigger size. It's knit from the top down, and the sleeves are knit in the round, meaning that there are NO seams! LOVE IT! I'm going to make a matching hat. I used Plymouth Dreambaby DK that I got in a swap, and it took about one and a half skeins. The pattern is here.

Today I will continue to work on a hat to match the Red Sox Tee (and yes, I know that a navy blue hat, with a red and blue sweater will mean baby girl is mistaken for a girl. But, at least she'll look like a Red Sox Fan!) and possibly the hat to match this sweater.

Tomorrow....well, I keep hoping to be in labor, so we'll see.

Happy knitting!


KT said...

What a cute sweater! I hate to admit I have yet to knit for my baby boy to be... but I have a few weeks longer to wait than you (probably)! Thinking of you and hope all is well - KT

Jknits said...

Well at least you are keeping busy while you wait. Fabulous sweater. Love the Redsox one too. Maybe you could add a ruffle to the navy blue hat to make it more girly.