Thursday, September 24, 2009


1:11 p.m. Am sitting in armchair, nursing the baby, when the mail person slides the Knitpicks catalog through the mail slot, and then leans down and leaves something between the doors. (BTW, I'm in love with the mittens on the cover, and may need to purchase the kit.)

1:14 Put baby in crib, realize I should have woken her and let her fall asleep in her crib, so that she learns to put herself to sleep. Decide I don't really care, because I HAVE to see what's behind the door.

Open box, dump out contents, sit down and start knitting.

1:15-3:28 Knit, knit, knit, ignore kids - who totally cooperate by playing tea party, then lounge singer (they call it singing with the keyboard and microphone, but little girl totally has the banter of a lounge singer) - thank the baby for being generally happy. Nurse her again for the last 10 rows.

3:29 Print out label, pack box, find shoes for small child, remember to lock the front door, and encourage children to run to the van.

3:31 Pull out of driveway to drive to Post Office.

Snap this picture of the box while at a red light.

3:36Park two blocks from post office. Assign little girl important task of carrying box, while I carry baby. Kids run to the post office to keep up with my fast walking.

3:37 Find insane line at post office. Bribe kids with Dunkin' Donuts if they stand quietly in line with me.

3:51 The box is mailed!

3:53 Buy two donuts, one muffin, and one iced mocha latte at Dunkin' Donuts.

4:07 Arrive home to discover the husband has not picked up Big Boy from the after school program because he thought I was getting the lad.

4:09 Walk with little boy to school to pick up big boy.

4:18 - 6:49 Do a variety of house related things I should have done instead of knitting, make dinner, deal with cranky baby, cranky girl child, and give babysitter last minute instructions so I can go to Open House.

6:50 Walk to school for Open House

8:35 FINALLY, get to check out wonderful goodies in DRT box from Pam.

Besides the lovely dishrag, there are locking stitch markers (which I ALWAYS need, the coolest sheep emery board EVER, and some dessert tea (trying to figure out what kind of special dessert to make to go with the tea.) I don't know why this picture is so blurry.....

It looks like the Chronicles of Yarnia team has a great shot at winning the race, and I am SUPER excited! Go Team!


km said...

Yeah for you. Speedy knitting and a quick turn around. It looks like we're behind after some bad luck with the USPS. So goooo C of N!

Tea said...

What a day, what a day!!
You did really well, faster than me for sure! Love the goodies from Pam especially the emery board, so cute. Enjoyed the post!
Go, Yarnia, Go!!

Jknits said...

Go knitter Go! Wow - see the housework was still there when you were done - it always will be so might as well do what you want anyway :)

Miss Me said...

Your post made me smile. What fun! And it is reassuring to know that I'm not the only one doing things they shouldn't be at red lights... ; )