Monday, September 28, 2009

Viking Hat

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When I started this hat, it was meant for baby girl to wear in November (since she'll be wearing the pumpkin hat in October, and the yet to be made Christmas Tree Hat in December). Gauge and I seemed to have a little disagreement though, so instead, this hat will go to my cousin's daughter for Christmas. That side of the family is very Norwegian, so I'm sure they'll get a kick out of the hat.

The pattern is free, and can be found here. The yarn is all leftovers in my stash - both the brown and gray are Galway wool, left from my very first two knitting projects (scarves), the yellow is dishcloth cotton, and white is leftover from the Reasonably Hip hat I made my nephew.

I REALLY like the hat, even though the horns aren't perfect. Both boys have asked for a hat like it. I told them after Christmas.

I've already cast on for another hat, this one without braids, for the recipient's brother.


Nina said...

Too cool. :)

Dorothy said...

Thanks Nina!

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Jknits said...

I could see that in red for some little ones I know around here!