Sunday, September 6, 2009

Road Trip!

When I was a kid, my dad would stand at the back door, yell out "Road Trip!" and my brother and I would come running. A road trip usually meant stopping at three or four stores (almost always a book store was in there!) and some kind of treat. With my husband, the phrase "Road Trip" usually means driving for ice cream. Today, we drove out to Kimball's Farm - this is everything the hubs looks for in an ice cream place - lots of yummy flavors, and HUGE portions. It's a bright, sunny day, and seemed perfect for an end of summer trip. Today's trip also included a stop at yarn shop! The Woolpack has a very nice selection and friendly staff. Big Boy was excited to pick out some yarn for a winter hat.

I keep adding to my knitting list - so much to do before Christmas! Here's the current hope to do list:

- Finish the Oriel Lace Scarf (Finished!)
- Finish pumpkin hat for baby girl (cast on last night while nursing. Side note: Baby girl has her first tooth. Never nursed a baby with teeth before - we'll see how long it lasts.) Finished!
- Striped hat for Big Boy Finished!
- Viking hat for baby girl (finished.)
- Hat with braids for little girl (finished!)
- 2 Viking Hats for cousin's kids (Finished!)
- Fair isle hat for little boy (started)
- Math Geek hat for friend (finished, but it's too small. On the waiting list for now)
- Hat with braids for friend's daughter (finished)
- Something for friend's wife, so she doesn't feel left out
- Christmas Stocking for Big Boy (almost done, just need to add his name)
- Estonian Orphan Charity (Two hats finished)

ETA: Oh yeah, I forgot...
- matching sweaters for the girls

I keep telling myself this list isn't crazy, because I can knit hats while at the park. We'll see......

I did finish the Ribbed Cap I was making, so that's one Christmas gift down. I don't want to count how many there are to go.....

Happy Knitting!


km said...

That's a lot of knitting...but you can do it. Especially if you're sleeping more at night. My kids love when they get to pick out yarn for their own treats. What a fun family day.

Jknits said...

Love the sweater/hat set - it's just darling.

What a fun road trip!

Judy11 said...

We typically make it to KImball Farm once a season for a Thursday night of car cruising :) Katie and kids have come the past 2 years. She and big boy enjoyed the bumper boats rides! Never been to the knitting shop, but will make note of its locaton - always on the lookout for new shop to visit :)