Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 4: Resolution Check-in

(I love how YouTube gives you me with my eyes closed. Brings back memories of my 5th Grade class picture)

On The Needles:
  • Finished plying Never Enough Thyme Polworth/Silk in Winter's Chill
  • ~360 yards of a 2-ply fingering weight yarn, and 104 yards of an undetermined weight of a navajo-plied yarn
  • Up Next: Loop Bullseye Bump in Full Bloom!
Stash Enhancement:
  • Fishknits self-striping sock yarn in "Shades of the Proverbial Knitter"
 What I'm wearing: Gail (aka Nightsongs) by Jane Araujo knit in handspun gifted to me by Jane!


Magnolia Tea said...

Episode 4 was fun to watch, too!
I'm baffled, though, as to why you can't just knit another inch ribbing. I would. I really would no matter what anyone said. I might be a bad sock knitter. O.O
Have a great week!

Magnolia Tea said...

Dorothy, I keep forgetting that you knit socks top-down. *smacks head*
That's another reason to knit them toe-up, for me anyway. Another reason is no grafting at the toe. I'm sold on toe-up!
- Toni

km said...

I love the Spring Forward socks pattern. The pair I knit ended up too small for I gifted them to a friend with smaller feet. I'm queueing the Hermione's socks. I love how your socks are turning out.

I love how your afterthought heel turned out with the self striping yarn. I'm thinking about frogging my toe up Vesper socks now.

My goal this year was to knit Yarn Miracle's mitten advent far I'm only 2 mittens in. And I want to knit an American Girl cardigan for my soon to be 8 year old's doll. I've got 6 weeks to finish that one. I need to get started.

I did the homemade detergent for awhile...and noticed my whites were turning gray. I'm curious if your recipe is the same as mine. I've always wondered if there was something in our water...or if it was the soaps?