Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Episode 3: Sweater Lessons


I really wish I knew how to control what frame Youtube freezes on. I hope to get the show notes up by tomorrow!


1to1 said...


Great job on your new podcast. I just watched your first three and really enjoyed them.

Your sweater is beautiful and you did nice work with your steeking.

Looking forward to future episodes.


Magnolia Tea said...

How adorable is the intro for the podcast! Very cool.
I really love the Lacey Baktus using your handspun. I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous. Love the sweater. I think you'll love it when it's done for good.
My word, liking those socks - making me want to knit socks.
Have a great a week!

km said...

This is so fun! I've watched all 3 episodes...with a cup of coffee in hand. And I've just been lazy about commenting. I have a sweater like that, that fit...but wasn't great when I finished it. And it took me a year to knit. It has cabled fronts, and I should have knit the fronts together, because I knit one side 3 times to get it the same as the first!!! But this year, I've lost weight just by walking the dog regularly, and the sweater fits better. So...enjoy it now...but who knows it might be perfect next winter. I will remember that lesson. I have to admit, that I'm horrible about washing swatches.