Sunday, February 17, 2013

Episode 2: Nothing New

(I love how YouTube gives you me with my eyes closed. Brings back memories of my 5th Grade class picture)

On The Needles:
  • Finished plying Never Enough Thyme Polworth/Silk in Winter's Chill
  • ~360 yards of a 2-ply fingering weight yarn, and 104 yards of an undetermined weight of a navajo-plied yarn
  • Up Next: Loop Bullseye Bump in Full Bloom!
Stash Enhancement:
  • Fishknits self-striping sock yarn in "Shades of the Proverbial Knitter"
 What I'm wearing: Gail (aka Nightsongs) by Jane Araujo knit in handspun gifted to me by Jane!


Magnolia Tea said...

I'm really enjoying your podcasts. I had taken a sabbatical from knitting for over a year since I knitted so crazily for several years and damaged my tendons, but I'm knitting again so this was fun.
I love the handspun! I think it's good enough you could knit whatever you want with it, but a shawl would really be gorgeous. The scarf you wore looks great, btw.
The brown scarf could be felted and used for a lot of things. I always use wool potholders in the kitchen. They outlast anything in the stores - I have one that is over 12 years old and it's working fine. They are superior and don't catch fire easily.
Have a great knittingly good week!

Jane said...

You're very kind. I'm amazed at how well the colors on the yarn go well with you. I guess that skein HAD to be yours ;)

Patricia in Norway! said...

Hello! I heard about your podcast from a Plurk! So I came for a visit last week. I live in Norway! Would you like for me to help you to get the clasps that you need? If you find a picture of something that you are interested in, send that along to me and I will help you! I am p4chen on Ravelry! Your sweater is beautiful. Steeking (I think you called it) is not so difficult! I have learned myself. Good luck with your class! Cheers!

Heather said...

I heard about your podcast on plurk, and immediately watched both episodes. They were both very enjoyable to watch. Can't wait to see what you have next week :)

Judy11 said...

'For Needles I love, love, love, my Addi Lace Turbo circs -hubby actually added lots to my collection last year. Otherwise I like Knit Picks interchangeable circs. Had a glitchy join on one needle and they happily sent out a replacement no questions asked.

ps loving your podcast and nice to see you again :)