Monday, March 11, 2013

Episode 5: Shedding is a Problem

Episode 5: Shedding is a Problem from Dorothy Minear on Vimeo.

On the Needles: Husband's Socks Spring Forward! Socks Lacy Baktus Spinnning: Loop Batt Coming Up: Scalloped Ruff Marshmallow Bunny Scarf?


Judy11 said...

Audio was perfect his time around. I have never done an afterthought heel but like the look of it so thanks for ther referral to the one you do. I will ry it on the next pair.

Good luck repairing #1 sock of hubby's to go with the second sock. if you don't finish #1 - you can claim a case of 'first sock syndrome' - a first !! lol!

Magnolia Tea said...

It's really fun to see what your knitting! The video seemed to work fine.
What a shame the purple yarn sheds. I think we've all bought yarn that didn't meet expectation.
I looked up the bunny scarf you mentioned. It's is adorable.
Have a great week!