Monday, March 18, 2013

No Show This Week :(

Sorry everyone, my house is undergoing some work and it's too crazy to even think about recording! I HOPE all will be relatively normal by next week, and I look forward to showing you all the knitted progress! Have a wonderful week! Dorothy

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Judy11 said...

Good luck with work on the house - the carpenter just finished here today, after fixing discoveries found during the roof redo after the fall rains flooded into family room. The solar system that had to be moved for the roofers also had some severe issues that needed to be addressed before it could go back online. So we have had several weeks of repair men floating in and out of our house too.

Are these items that needed doing in the 'new' house or is this items you are making choices to do to make it more your own?

Keep knitting and see you next week. BTW Katie says hi!! I think she was surprised we are still in touch. I told her fiber folks are very gregarious and loyal :)