Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting/Crochet Blog Week

Eskimimi has created a knitting and crochet blog week (Thanks, Joan, for pointing me to it!).

I learned to knit in October, 2006 from Linda at Have Ewe Any Wool? My mom comes from a long line of knitters, and took knitting up again when she became a grandmother. I remember her trying to teach me when I was young, but like a lot of crafty things, I just didn't have the patience. After having kids though, and watching my mom knit, I decided I might like to give it a try. So, mom watched the kids and I went to her knitting class in her place.

Linda is a terrific teacher, and had me knitting and purling in no time. I bought some brown Galway wool, and made my husband a seed stitch scarf for Christmas. I made another scarf a couple of toddler sized ponchos (two scarves stitched together), and then graduated to more complex things. I can't imagine my life without knitting now. What would I do with myself?

Who taught you to knit?

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Jackie said...

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