Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I admire a number of knitters. I check in on about a dozen or so blogs a day. (I know, I could subscribe to them and get emails when there are new posts, but that's just not all that fun.) Some of these blogs I read because of the actual knitting. Some I read because of the writing. Some because the writers are moms like me, and knit for kids about the size of the kids I have. Occasionally, I just feel like the writer and I could be friends, if we lived near each other. To pick just one is really difficult.

I finally settled on Jane. Jane is an AMAZING knitter! (Check out this post on her blog. Not only did she knit that shawl, she designed it!) Take a quick look at her projects page on Ravelry, and you'll see further evidence of her talent. Jane is also one of the most kind and generous Internet friends I have. She is more than willing to help out lace knitters tackling her gorgeous designs, and always has an encouraging word. She also gifted me with some of her gorgeous handspun yarn (I'm using it to knit up Gail). We came oh so close to meeting in person last summer, but traffic and time limits got in the way. (Hopefully, someday....)

I feel so blessed to have such a talented and generous knitting friend.

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