Friday, April 30, 2010

Gail (aka Nightsongs)

Last night, I finished Gail (aka Nightstongs). I am so very excited and very pleased with the end product! It's knit with 640ish yards of 2-ply, 100% lace handspun by Jane of Colours From Chaos. I used a size 4 needle and knit 9 repeats and the edging. This makes a shawlette sized piece and I have about 3 yards of yarn left.

I was a little bit nervous starting out, because the chart felt challenging to me. And truthfully, the chart included with the pattern requires a certain level of familiarity with lace. Thankfully, lots of people on Ravelry take pity on those of us less capable. I used this chart to complete the pattern. The shawl is worked from the top down. Honestly, I just didn't get this until I was on the last few rows of the edging. I started with one leaf, so it felt like that should have been the tip of the bottom. Who knew you could knit a triangle by starting in the middle of an edge?

This shawl was an absolute joy to knit. I felt so blessed to be knitting on a project with yarn handspun by the designer. What a wonderful gift! I also know for whom this shawl was named, and she was a great encouragement to me during a rough time last year. There's nothing like counting your blessings with each stitch. And I loved watching how the colors in the yarn change. I loved watching each leaf grow. I can't wait to see how it looks after I block it (sometime this weekend, I hope!) I'm a little sad to see this project go; its become a good friend. Familiar, and comforting. Have you ever had that kind of relationship with a project?

I'm embarking on a top secret, very exciting project. It will be quite a while before I can post details, but know that in the midst of everything, I have a secret project. :)
Happy knitting!


Christina said...

It's beautiful. I have been waiting to see pictures! I love the way the yarn changed colors throughout the pattern.

Nina said...


Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

WOW -- that's gorgeous and looks like a rainbow -- can't wait to see it blocked and modeled. Good job!!

Jane said...

When I sent it to you, you told me your husband didn't quite understand why I was doing it.

It took a while, but the shawl is the answer. I sent the yarn to you so you'd (hopefully) have fun knitting it.

I'm glad you did. Knowing you enjoyed the skein is worth every second I spent on the wheel, spinning it. :D

The shawl is gorgeous!